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Marquis Construction & Development, Inc.

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Marquis Construction & Development, Inc., Energy Star Partner.

Steel SIP Advantages Marquis Construction & Development, Inc.


EPS foam Core panels for:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Strength, independent testing has proven that SIPS are structurally superior to conventional framing

  • Termite resistance: NO FOOD VALUE

  • All homes are reviewed for compliance to all applicable codes and structural designs are signed and sealed by a qualified Engineer.


    Steel SIP Advantages Marquis Construction & Development, Inc.

  • Steel stud interior framing for:

  • Impervious to termites

  • Will not rot, twist, shrink or check

  • Straighter walls

  • Noncombustible

  • Recyclable



    Healthy construction:

  • Foam core and steel framing are nontoxic, foam contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s, HIFC’s or formaldehyde.

  • EPS foam is inert, non-nutritive, highly stable, will not decompose, decay or produce undesirable gasses.

  • Does not provide an environment that encourages the development of mold or mildew within walls as conventional construction does.

  • Provides a cleaner environment for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.
    Steel SIP Advantages Marquis Construction & Development, Inc.

    Savings $$$$:

  • 30 to 50% Savings in energy costs.

  • HVAC systems MUST be downsized due to super insulated walls and roof.

  • Less labor erection costs.

  • Quicker construction time.

  • “Energy Star” homes hold higher re-sale value.

  • Homes qualify for “Energy Mortgages” which stretch the debt-to-income qualify ratios.

  • Cleaner indoor air quality can mean - less doctor bills.


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