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Frequently Asked Questions Marquis Construction & Development, Inc.

Will SIP/Steel construction hold up to nature’s forces?
  YES! SIP/Steel framing is stronger than conventional construction, our homes are designed to meet the newest hurricane requirements and can meet as high as 140 MPH wind loads if necessary.

How much energy savings can be expected?
  All homes are designed for at least 30% more efficiency over conventional construction. Some have claimed as much as 58% savings. Checkout link to

Why should I use foam core panel construction?
  SIP technology has been around for over 40 years, they are proven superior structural product. They are proven to be energy efficient and a termite-pest resistant system. SIP/Steel construction is environmentally friendly utilizing recyclable materials.

What about indoor air quality?
  Our homes provide a cleaner indoor environment, no wood is used in any structural components. When utilizing the Lossnay ERV air exchanger we provide controlled make-up air ensuring a healthier atmosphere.

What about Lightning?
  A steel framed home is actually safer than a wood home. The steel is a ground to lightning and in the event of a strike, it is non-combustible, reducing the risk for fire.

Will my home look different?
  NO! Our homes look the same inside and out as any other home in the neighborhood as we use conventional materials for the interior and exterior finishes. The SIP’s only create a strong lasting thermal barrier for the home.

EPS vs. Polyurethane panels
  EREC Brief: Structural Insulated Panels


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